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Andor Uranson


Passion: 58




Hero (34)


Sture Olafson, now King Uran, brought together the Uran people via strength of arms. Thus was born the Uran Empire. I will follow this example of expanding power.


Ideal: Power through violence

Goal: Kill and usurp the Ryeic royal family.


  • Haldor, my lieutenant and commander of the Reavers


Blood (62)


King Uran has 15 brothers. Some desire the throne; some desire the fragmented past. Uran has defeated them through arms; they have pledged fealty to Uran's rule and his line. For this coalition to hold, Andor must provide Uran a son.


Ideal: Lineage and dynasty

Goal: Continue the Uran line; have a son.


  • King Uran
  • ?


Conscience (4)


Gregor is my older brother. He would be a wiser ruler than I. He is crippled and my father has removed him from succession. I wish to pursue a path of blood and leave dull bean-counting to others.


Ideal: Freedom

Goal: Put my brother, Gregor, on the throne.


  • My crippled elder brother, Gregor




is related to: Thorbjorn, uncle, southernmost raider, pagan fuck

is related to: Gregor, crippled older brother

is related to: King Uran

is a lover of: Lena, the pirate queen of Ryeic (now dead)

is a friend of: Haldor, my lieutenant (who wants to kill Gregor)

is a lover of: The Billow Maidens

is an enemy of: Prince Urban of Ryeic, the war-master

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